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Air Condition Services :

Your air conditioner is not a luxury . It is a nesessity that is why is so important that you have AC services done through magic genie. If something goes wrong with your AC how hard it is to live for few hour withot it.

So regular servicing and maintenance with magic genie finest AC repair and servicing technicians.
Working with us means that your AC will be working for again as soon as possible.

We at magic genie has the best technicians that can service and repair your units whenever they have issued. They specilize in evry thing from condensors , coils,air dusts , air filteration to complete AC units.

Magic genie is the house doctor for your family to ensure good health by resolving all the hygiene and sanitation problems of your house and thus make you and your family healthier , happier and safer.

We at magic genie are a team of well - trained individuals who can understand and deliver according to your requirements.

Our AC technician are :

  • In-house, verified, well-groomed, well-equipped, trained and skilled - india's Biggest Company - trust us.
  • Regular service of your AC unit can help ensure efficiency.

aLL 7 dAYS
10:00 am TO 6:00 pm
Land line - 0124-4517617
Mobile No – 9990990172
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